Ketamine infusion therapy
Ketamine is a recent medication used to treat traumatic pains, attack depression and suicidal thoughts. It is a stronger medication than common anti-depression pills, and it is usually prescribed for suicidal patients suffering from acute depression.

Formerly, medical practitioners use this medication as simply a general anesthetic medication for basic dissociative procedures.
It is usually administered alongside nitrous oxide to cause sedative effect when conducting surgical operations such as reducing fractures, fixing wounds of uncooperative individual like children, and treating joint dislocation.

Over the last decade, it was discovered to possess anesthetic agent containing anti-depressant properties. When infused into the body, Ketamine acts upon depressing toxins, attacking symptoms in less than 24 hours. Unlike other local medications that takes time to provide relief, Ketamine provides quick and immediate results.
Are you struggling with suicidal thoughts or tired of taking anti-depressant pills? Then you this infusion therapy is for you.